Herb.Tax Launch!

Welcome to The Herb.Tax Project, powered by Taxnexus, where you can liberate information that wants to be free!

To join the movement and set those electrons free, visit Codex.Herb.Tax for cannabis taxation information, and  speak your mind at Rally.Herb.Tax.


To accelerate the speed of commerce in the new cannabis industry, the Herb.Tax Project seeks to create the world’s first global, open-source database of government-imposed taxation and revenue management information.

With the idea of openly sharing this information with stakeholders in the cannabis community, Herb.Tax aims to spark a critical-mass of industry scholars, government analysts, state treasuries, banking officials, jurisdictional administrators, software developers, product distributors, retailers and cultivators to participate in a crowd influenced, open-source database. Freeing this information will assist in boosting and keeping the cannabis economy flowing, with the compliance necessary for it to succeed as a legitimate industry.

Conversely, closed tax systems in industries like Communications and Energy monopolize tax information for profit, adding an unnecessary intermediary into the industry’s economy. This unwanted hand in the cookie jar both siphons profits from businesses, and raises industry prices on consumers.

Why Herb.Tax?

With the new cacophony of rules, legislation and taxes for cannabis production and consumption, there is clearly a need for a clearinghouse of information about how to calculate taxes on the sale and distribution of myriad of cannabis products.

Just like the telecommunications, food & beverage, and energy industries, the cannabis industry will be taxed by multiple levels of jurisdictions. Without the disruption of the current norms, the industry will become dependent on a system that will either be archaic, incomplete, and fraught with mistakes, or hoarded and controlled by intermediaries taking money just to provide access to the information. Herb.tax is the ultimate disintermediating force that makes the construction of a private database useless because the information has become free.

Why Not Do It Differently?

Herb.Tax creates a community of stakeholders in government and the cannabis industry to shape data protocols and interchange formats to meet the needs of the industry. Ultimately Herb.Tax promises to be an open-source nexus of all cannabis tax information, maintained by jurisdictional administrators for accuracy.

Here is how Version 1 of the Herb.Tax Project is going to work. There is a new forum at Rally.Herb.Tax, and a new wiki site at Codex.Herb.Tax. New users will be invited to Rally to join up and start in a discussion on cannabis tax information dissemination. Rally users will be given editor status to log onto Codex, and help manage the wiki pages being set up for each jurisdiction. Discussion about The Codex will be a major topic on Rally. Other topics on Rally will include API development, banking issues, software questions, and any topics become driven by community members.

Call to Action

The ultimate goal of Herb.Tax is to assist in the creation of a tax compliant cannabis economy enabling long-term success. The first objective of Herb.Tax is to enlist colleagues around the globe to contribute to The Codex by inputting their jurisdictional cannabis tax codes. Join in the movement with Herb.Tax to liberate cannabis tax information!